Why Hypertufa and Succulents?

Okay, so I think it might be time to tell my story here.  I realized recently that some of the wonderful friends I’ve made over the years at shows know me mainly as the ‘girl who makes the odd one-off pieces of jewelry and metal mesh handbags.’  When they see me with concrete pots planted with succulents, I can sense the confusion.  Well I suppose I owe a small explanation to them, and also to any new folks who might be curious.

Basically, here it is:  Colorado.  Mountains.  Little crevices of limestone and granite, where tenacious green spiky living things have nestled.  Funky mosses and ferns springing up out of dark forest floors where dappled light is all that reaches them.  I was lucky enough to have gone to college in Colorado, where I did a bunch of hiking in the mountains and just walking around the town of Boulder.  I was particularly struck by the fact the stuff grew easily, as if by magic, in and around rocks!  They had not been planted nor were tended by anyone, which was against everything I had come to believe about gardening, having grown up in Dallas.  Simply magical.

Fast Forward back to Dallas, degrees in Environmental Design and Jewelry Design and five year career as a costume jewelry designer in NY.  Looking around for a new thing; getting tired of all the crafting moms and recently unemployed ladies making jewelry and competing with me at craft shows.  Wanting to make a completely different type of product.  Suddenly a magazine article about hypertufa catches my attention, and I’m off and running!  Many sweaty hours later, hundreds of mosquito bites, several sunburns, and months of sand-paper-dry hands (not to mention many dozens of broken pots) later… I think I might be getting to be pretty okay at this.  Next challenges might be trying some larger installations:  can we get our yard to reflect the beauty of the mountains… in Dallas?


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